15 Green Beauty Products to Fall in Love With

by | Sep 13, 2021

15 Green Beauty Products to Fall in Love With

When you set out into the world, you want to feel like #thebombdotcom. And whether you use a touch of foundation, go full glam, or something in between, your green beauty products can help give you that confidence.

But what about those who want to commit to reducing our carbon footprint? Does that mean you need to give up your beauty products?

(Actual footage of someone trying to take away my moisturizer)

Absolutely not! It’s totally possible to keep green while maintaining your flawless look.

What is green beauty?

Green beauty in its essence is a pretty simple concept. Green products use whole foods, and are contained in less wasteful (or even zero waste) packaging. They should ideally have ethically sourced and non-toxic ingredients.

Going green with your beauty routine won’t only help save the planet. A number of health issues can develop with long term use of the chemicals that are regularly found in traditional beauty products. One glance at Harvard’s review on Toxic Beauty gives some scary stats, including a 40% increased risk of breast cancer to those who regularly dye their hair. It’s enough to have anyone looking for an alternative.

Because green beauty products do not contain chemical preservatives, they can get a bad rap for having a short shelf life. But we’ve come a long way, baby! Most of the products that are listed below will last between 6-12 months. And that’s about the time when you should replace any of your makeup products anyway, according to research, to prevent harmful bacteria build up.

15 green beauty products to try

If you’ve been bombarded with claims of “natural” and “green” beauty products, it can be difficult to know where to start shopping. Start with trusted companies that have meaningful certifications. But thankfully, I’ve done the leg work for you to give you the 15 green beauty products to fall in love with.

LOLI Beauty’s Plum Elixir

This serum by LOLI Beauty gets rave reviews from fans. Packed with plum kernel oil, pomegranate, and tea seed oil, the Plum Elixir hydrates skin, lips, and hair. They also have thoughtful glass jar packaging that can be recycled or reused, plus their bags, labels, and boxes are all compostable. This is definitely a green beauty “must try”!

W3LL PEOPLE’S Fresh Lines Eye Pencil

Another seriously cool company that is constantly adding more products certified by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) is W3ll People. EWG means that the green beauty products are non-toxic, free of concerning chemicals, and are sustainable. They offer a plant based Fresh Lines Eye Pencil that applies like a dream.

Fat and the Moon’s Dusk Lip Paint

Just because you are aiming to use green beauty products does not mean you need to compromise on a fun look. Fat and the Moon’s Dusk Lip Paint is a gorgeous shade of pink and lavender that will make you feel good inside and out. They use cosmetic grade mineral pigments that are ethically sourced, and all products are packed zero waste. In my opinion the best part about these lip paints is that they pull double duty as a cheek stain. You can find Fat and the Moon products in a variety of stores across the United States.

Yay For Earth’s Sensitive Skin Face Lotion

Another zero waste company that I love is Yay For Earth. This company is doing green beauty the right way with simple ingredients that are packed in reusable glass jars. The Sensitive Skin Face Lotion uses ethically sourced and local beeswax, along with organic hydrating oils. For those of us prone to breakouts, it is also anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and helps calm irritation.

Au Naturale’s Crème de la Creme Eye Shadow

True to the name, all of Au Naturale Cosmetics’ green beauty products are made by hand, non-toxic, and cruelty free. They also ethically source their ingredients to protect animals, people, and the environment. Fall in love with their Crème de la Creme Eye Shadow which also works as a liner and brow filler.

Alima Pure’s Satin Matte Foundation

Alima Pure was the first color cosmetic company to become a B Corporation – a green beauty designation that sets them apart as a sustainable business doing their part to protect the well-being of the earth. Their Satin Matte Foundation packaging is made with just four ingredients, refillable, and comes in a whopping 45 shades.

Elate Beauty’s Unify Bronze Powder

It’s amazing what a touch of bronzer can do for a pale complexion. Just a dab can warm up your whole complexion and give you a healthy glow. Elate Beauty, a Canadian based company, has a whole range of vegan bronzers to fall in love with. These bamboo jars are made to be refilled, which come wrapped in biodegradable paper.

Kōkua Sun Care’s High Performance Zinc Sunscreen

If you’re as sun sensitive as I am (I’m Irish, so I’m practically flammable) you probably use sunscreen as part of your beauty routine. But coral bleaching is such a problem that Hawaii has taken the step to ban some of the most popular sunscreen brands that contain petrolatum, Titanium Dioxide, Oxybenzone and Octinoxate. So what’s the green beauty solution?

Enter Kōkua Sun Care, a Hawaiian made reef-friendly sunscreen. They use Hawaiian grown antioxidant ingredients to protect you from the sun’s rays, while also protecting the planet. The company also carries sunburn serums and sun-shielding ponchos.

Axiology’s Lip-to-Lid Balmies

These adorable Lip-to-Lid Balmies from Axiology are the perfect solution to bad lipstick packaging. The super hydrating, hyper-pigmented crayons are wrapped in paper, and all the packaging is handmade from recycled trash by a women’s coop in Bali. Oh, and if that’s not enough, they only use mica that is verified not to use child labor. You can use the color on eyes, lips, or cheeks.

River Organics’ Vegan Zero Waste Black Mascara

River Organics is a small scale green beauty company making a big impact. They offer products that very few other companies carry, like zero waste mascara. The pots are made of eco friendly paper packaging, and even the labels are biodegradable sugar cane. Most of the 7 ingredients are certified organic, and are 100% vegan and cruelty free. This company is also committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and purchases carbon offsets.

LOLI Beauty’s Purple Corn Grains

There are lots of reasons to love LOLI beauty products, including that they are cruelty free, vegan, and are certified madesafe. In addition to some amazing serums, they also offer a Purple Corn Grains polishing scrub with food grade ingredients to exfoliate your face, minus the waste and toxins.

Dirty Hippie Cosmetics’ Mineral Brow Powders

Dirty Hippie Cosmetics hits all the green beauty requirements – handmade, organic, toxin free, ethically sourced, zero waste geared. I’m in love with their mineral brow powders, which create a dramatic brow line. If you live in Australia, you can even send your empties back to the company. Don’t worry though, they still ship internationally, and offer refills for most pallets.

Alima Pure’s Pressed Eye Shadow

Just like their foundation that I’ve listed above, Alima Pure offers refillable pressed Eye Shadow as part of their green beauty lineup. The 14 shades are good for a full year, and mixed with avocado and jojoba oils to help hydrate the eye area. I also love this brand because they are carbon neutral, and donate 1% of their gross revenue to environmental protection groups.

Kosas’ Reaveler Concealer

A concealer and eye cream all in one? Sign me up! This product will brighten and cover, while reducing inflammation. Kosas is a clean makeup company that offers vegan, cruelty free products, free of mineral oils, talc, silicone, fragrance, and a whole list of 2700 ingredients.

Fat and the Moon Face Love Set

My final green beauty must-try is another product from Fat and the Moon. While their makeup offerings are on point, they also offer bomb face care products that are both light and soothing. Try the bundled Face Love Set that features facial moisturizer, cleanser, and oil.