12 Eco Friendly Kitchen Utensils to Try

by | Jul 14, 2021

eco friendly kitchen utensils

Investing in eco friendly kitchen utensils allows you to save money and waste less. (With 2.12 billion tons of waste generated globally every year, everything counts.) The kitchen is the beating heart of many homes, and a big contributor of waste.

Taking the leap of creating an eco-friendly cooking space is intimidating. With practice, collecting scraps for composting can become second nature, but replacing common utensils and finding zero waste solutions can be tough. But positive changes here can ripple through all your daily habits, improving your health and protecting the planet at the same time. 

Why invest in eco friendly kitchen utensils?

Investing in your kitchen sets you up for success. Some wasteful products, like aluminum foil and single-use plastic utensils, may seem more affordable at first. But in the long run, sustainable tools and eco-friendly solutions will help your wallet as well as your conscience. Rather than buying more rolls of plastic wrap, use durable containers that can last for years. Instead of constantly running low on paper towels, rotate through freshly-washed kitchen towels.

Feeling great about your cooking space won’t just help cut down on waste. It can also inspire you to be more intentional with your healthy recipes and simply enjoy your kitchen more. You can save time, money, and stress by setting up an eco-friendly kitchen, with utensils and tools that will last. 

You don’t have to try and change everything at once. Eliminating one wasteful product at a time can get the ball rolling, improving your kitchen and the world at large. 

Check out these options and ideas to get started.

12 eco friendly utensils every kitchen needs

1. Reusable Silicone lids

Ever hunted through a drawer of mismatched plastic Tupperware? It can be so frustrating to try and find the right lid and container for your food. These washable silicone lids can turn your bowls — or watermelons — into sealed containers, keeping food fresh without filling up your trash can. 

These stretchy lids are from altCooking Hub, where you can also find baking mats and utensils.

Other options:

2. Tough Kitchen Brushes

Having the right tools is key for getting the job done. Instead of using flimsy plastic brushes or sponges that disintegrate within a few days, check out these eco-friendly and durable brushes:


3. Eco-friendly Dish Soap

Cleaning up is nobody’s favorite part of cooking. But keeping a kitchen fresh is key. Whether you are rinsing produce from a market or soaking dishes, a strong and non-toxic dish soap will always get the job done. Protect your skin and keep your kitchen eco-friendly with products like this: 

Blueland makes this refillable dish soap, as well as dishwasher and laundry detergents.


Other great options:


4. Bamboo Kitchenware 

Versatile and durable tools keep a cook going, whether you are simmering soup or sauteing a steak. Bamboo spatulas and spoons can help protect your pots and pans, while lasting for years. 


Try these sites to find affordable bamboo utensils:

5. Handy Utensils On the Go.

Heading to a picnic in the park? It is all too easy to grab plastic utensils on the way out the door. So plan ahead and look for some great reusable options to take with you. On the plus side, nothing elevates a meal in the park like having your own stainless steel cutlery.

These are made by WandPDesign, who make water bottles, to-go containers, and more!


Check out these other styles and options:

6. Reusable Straws

At least for me, reusable straws are a cornerstone in my own health and hydration. I’ve always struggled to drink enough water, through my own forgetfulness and mysteriously misplaced water bottles. By using reusable straws, I avoid waste and carry a reminder to take better care of my health. Take a look at these options: 


7. Bamboo kids cups

As a parent, there are so many factors outside of your control. But it feels great to make healthier choices for your children’s (and the planet’s) wellbeing. Great brands like Ekobo make these fun and non-toxic alternatives to kids’ plastic cups.

Bamboo kids cups

Take a look at these other choices as well:

8. Cloth Napkins

Cutting out paper napkins is a strong step to make on your journey to having a sustainable kitchen. They are NOT recyclable and create huge amounts of waste every year. Investing in the cloth version is a perfect way to spruce up your dinner table and have reusable napkins in constant rotation. Here are some good brands to look at: 

9. Cloth Kitchen Towels

While kitchen spills and accidents are never intended, being prepared is important. Rather than using half a roll of paper towels on a big spill (balling them together as they tear apart in your hands), try these absorbent and eco-friendly kitchen towels. Full Circle makes non-toxic and stylish cloth towels to keep your kitchen clean and cut down on unnecessary waste. 

Cloth Kitchen Towels

Other places to find great cloth kitchen towels: 


10. Dishes with Fitted Lids

Whether you are packing up leftovers or heading to a potluck, options are always helpful. Rather than awkwardly wrapping a large baking dish (hoping that the edges stay sealed for the car ride over), try these casserole dishes with reusable, fitted lids. They make meals easy to share and keep fresh, while avoiding plastic wrap and aluminum foil. Here are some options:


11. Silicone Food Bags

Meal prepping is a great way to be intentional about your diet and food choices. Instead of creating extra waste by eating out all the time, bringing your own lunch to work comes with many benefits. It is definitely possible to do this with as little waste as possible, as you can read about in this article: Zero Waste Lunch. These silicone bags, available on Net Zero Company, make this process easy and eco-friendly.

Silicone Food Bags

Try these sites to find other silicone bags:

12. Travel chopsticks

Would you like to have simple and eco-friendly utensils always on hand? These travel chopsticks are long-lasting and easy to carry. Here are some brands with a perfect balance of form and function:


Creating and maintaining an eco-friendly kitchen is an ongoing process. It can be tough. However, it also offers opportunities to be thoughtful and authentic in a central aspect of all of our lives. Change takes commitment. But you don’t have to shift everything at once. Take a look at your kitchen and start building a more sustainable future step by step. I promise you’ll get more out of cooking than ever before.  

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