10 Deodorant Brands with No Plastic Packaging Whatsoever

by | May 10, 2022

Making the switch to deodorant with no plastic packaging is a sensible move if you’re trying to be environmentally conscious. Since more and more people are choosing a zero-waste lifestyle, brands are also adapting and making their offerings eco-friendly.

Whether you’re a vegan or you have sensitive skin, now you can find an environmentally friendly option to deodorize your armpits.

Why buy deodorant with no plastic?

When you choose a zero-waste lifestyle, you want to make as little waste as possible. It is the most natural, sustainable, and green action to switch to deodorant with no plastic. This way you save a huge amount of plastic going to landfills as the majority of the products sent for recycling also go to landfills. And curbside recycling for deodorant cans is also not an option for many, so choosing a plastic-free deodorant is a much better option.

Negative effects of plastic:

  • Microplastics in the environment

Microplastics have penetrated our lives so much that they are polluting the oceans and damaging wildlife. The beauty products we use can be part of this problem. Most deodorants that come in plastic packaging have several tiny components, each made up of a different kind of plastic, which isn’t readily recyclable, even if you dismantle the whole packaging.  

  • Takes years to degrade

It takes from 20 to 500 years for different plastics to decompose, depending on the structure and material. The speed of its breaking down also depends on sun exposure. This is why landfills give sun exposure to plastic waste to speed up the decomposition process.  Single-use plastic grocery bags take 20 years to degrade fully. Comparatively, PET bottles take around 450 years to fully decompose.  

  • Popular but unnecessary

While the majority of beauty products including deodorants come in plastic packaging, it is totally unnecessary and avoidable. There are several alternatives such as metal, cardboard, and glass jar packaging that you can choose from.

10 deodorant brands without plastic packaging

Take a look at these eco friendly deodorants.

1. Meow Meow Tweet

Lavender Bergamot<br>Deodorant Stick

Meow Meow Tweet creates natural, vegan, and palm-oil-free deodorants in both cream and stick form. All of their deodorants are cruelty-free. They use many organic ingredients that are USDA certified.

Not only do they make ethical products, but the deodorants are also pretty effective at keeping the stink away.

The cream deodorant comes in 100% recyclable glass jars but we prefer cardboard sticks as it is biodegradable. For people with sensitive skin, Meow Meow Tweet also has a few options of eco-friendly deodorant with no baking soda.

Best for: Men or Women

Price: $14

2. Bai-li


Natural Deodorant

Bai-li natural deodorants are packaged in biodegradable cardboard pushup tubes and have sugarcane labels. It is made with natural and mostly organic ingredients. It is free of parabens, aluminum, sulfates, and baking soda.

Best for: Men or Women

Price: $12

3. Tom’s of Maine


Natural Strength Plastic Free Deodorant

Tom’s of Maine has come up with a plastic-free range of deodorants for sustainable consumers. There are options for scents for both men and women. The deodorant is free of aluminum and contains sustainable, naturally derived ingredients.

Best for: Men or Women

Price: $5.99

4. Ethique


Rustic deodorant from ethique

Ethique is another vegan brand for solid deodorants. They make deodorant bars and sticks. All 5 scents are cruelty-free and palm oil-free.  The ingredients are sourced sustainably.

Best for: Men or Women

Price: $13

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5. Rainwater Botanicals Deodorants


natural deodorant

Rainwater Botanicals natural deodorants  are now being packaged in biodegradable packaging. Rainwater Botanicals has been creating fantastic organic and natural range of beauty and personal care products and they’ve started to be mindful of their packaging and switching to sustainable alternatives. There is a huge range of scents for both men and women. For people with sensitive skin, Rainwater Botanicals also have a natural deodorant without baking soda

Best for: Men or Women

Price: $8.90

6. Fat and the Moon


fat and the moon deodorant cream

Fat and the Moon Deodorant cream comes in glass jars and metal lids that are recyclable. The cream is a mix of natural ingredients, essential oils, and baking soda. They also have pit cream for sensitive skin that is free of baking soda and light on essential oils.

Best for: Men or Women

Price: $14

7. Dove Refillable Deodorant


Dove Refillable Deodorant 0% Aluminum Sensitive Starter Kit

Dove has also launched its refillable deodorant due to popular demand. If you have been using Dove, you won’t have to switch to another brand to become environmentally friendly. It comes in a stainless steel casing. The refills come in a 98% recycled plastic package that you can recycle. The deodorant is aluminum-free, suited for sensitive skin, and contains moisturizing agents.  Dove has made a commitment to make all its packaging reusable, compostable or recyclable by the year 2025.

Best for: Men or Women

Price: $14.99

8. Native Plastic Free Deodorant

Coconut & Vanilla

With the growing consciousness among consumers toward the planet, Native also came up with a plastic-free deodorant. They source their paperboard from responsibly managed forests. Native plastic-free Coconut & Vanilla deodorant is made with naturally derived ingredients and is aluminum-free, vegan and cruelty-free.

Best for: Men or Women

Price: $13

9. Old Spice Mountain Peak Plastic-Free Aluminum Free Deodorant


old spice plastic-free deodorant

Old Spice has launched a plastic-free deodorant to cater to the increasing demand for a zero-waste option. It is made using 90% recycled paper. The scent is aluminum-free, paraben-free, and talc-free. 

Best for: Men


10. Wild


Wild brand plastic-free deodorant

Wild is a UK-based natural deodorant with no plastic packaging. The metal case is reusable and the refills come in plastic-free compostable packaging. The casing is made attractive with the hydro-dipping process. The brand is vegan, aluminum-free and cruelty-free and it gives back to charities. You can subscribe to avail the £12 price.

Best for: Men or Women

Price: £12 (1 case & 1 refill + join our flexible subscription.)

With so many great options, there’s no need to buy something in plastic packaging every time you need new deodorant. You might also want to check out our list of zero waste deodorant for men and women.