What Are Certified B Corporations and Which Ones Should You Support?

by | Mar 2, 2022

What Are Certified B Corporations and Which Ones Should You Support?

If you’ve spent any time researching sustainable products, you’ve likely come across a B Corporation. You might have even seen the eponymous “B” logo on a lot of your sustainable products. But what does it mean to be a B Corporation, and what are some of the best ones?

What is a Certified B Corporation?

A B Corporation is a company that has undergone a rigorous certification process through the nonprofit, B Lab. B Lab analyzes everything in a company’s operations, including the company’s overall impact on its workers, community, and environment.

Companies are given a score on the B Impact Assessment. Higher scores are better, and the minimum score required to be a B Corporation is 80. That’s compared to B Lab’s average score of all companies that take the assessment- 50.9.

In short, seeing that a company is a B Corporation is a quick way to tell that they’re pretty solid. You’ll find B Corporations in just about every sector, so they’re hard to miss when you’re looking to shop sustainably.

Certified B corps: home goods

Whether you need cleaning products or a mattress, these home supply B Corporations have you covered.

Avocado Green Mattress

B Impact Score: 126.2

Avocado Green Mattress is a California-based mattress company that makes sustainable and organic mattresses and bedding. Their mattresses are made with GOLS certified organic latex and responsibly sourced wool, and their manufacturing process is ethical at every step. To top it off, they offer affordable pricing for incredible quality.

The Joinery

B Impact Score: 84.8

The Joinery is a furniture company based in Portland, Oregon. Their high-quality craftsmanship creates stunning pieces that will last generations. Each piece is created from start to finish by the same woodworker, which brings creativity and personality to each item. All of their wood is sourced responsibly and certified by the Forestry Stewardship Council.


B Impact Score: 94.7

Blueland cuts back on plastic waste by offering cleaning products with refillable containers. The first purchase of a Blueland product comes with a “forever container”, and all future refills will use that same container. Most products, like their hand soap, are refilled with a water-soluble tablet that turns into the cleaning solution, which makes shipping and storing them more efficient. All orders also ship plastic-free.


B Impact Score: 86.1

IceStone is a Brooklyn-based company that makes beautiful kitchen countertops out of recycled glass. All of their products are made in the US with glass that would have otherwise been thrown away. Since their start in 2003, they’ve diverted over 17 million pounds of waste from the landfill!

Certified B corps: clothing

It’s so hard to parse out greenwashed companies from the real deal, especially with clothes. Rest assured that you can trust these clothing B Corporations.


B Impact Score: 80.8

Sozy is a women’s clothing store that offers organic and ethical clothes at affordable prices. Based out of California, they donate 10% of their profits to survivors of sexual violence, and another 10% of their profits to other charities. They’re also part of 1% for the Planet and are climate-neutral certified.

Solmate Socks

B Impact Score: 91.8

Solmate Socks is a sock and accessory company based in Portland, Oregon. All of their products are made from pre-consumer recycled cotton, which means they reclaim excess fabrics and yarns that are leftover from mass manufacturing. Each sock is unique with its own spunky pattern- so each pair of socks is mismatched, but coordinated!


B Impact Score: 83.3

Jelt is a belt company that makes all of their products from recycled plastic bottles. Their products prioritize function and quality and are suitable for everyday wear, travel, and sports. All Jelt belts are vegan and unisex with a grippy inner side that’s designed to last.


B Impact Score: 89.4

You’ve likely heard of Allbirds– the San Fransico-based shoe company that pops up in every sustainable footwear list. While they’re not vegan, Allbirds shoes are sustainable by just about every measure, and at a competitive price that’s comparable to fast-fashion alternatives. Whether you need shoes for exercise or casual wear, Allbirds is definitely an option to consider.

Certified B corps: food

From keto snacks to your morning coffee, these food B Corporations should satisfy all your cravings!


B Impact Score: 83.7

U-Konserve sells reusable food containers, straws, and tableware that are built to last. Each stainless steel container is customizable with divider inserts to suit your needs over time. They even sell spare lids in case you lose track of one! The containers are also easily stackable for efficient use of lunchbox and refrigerator space.

Tillamook County Creamery Association

B Impact Score: 86.6

Tillamook is a farmer-owned co-op based in Tillamook County, Oregon. They prioritize the needs of their farmers and cows, all while making high-quality cheese, milk, butter, and ice cream. If you’re not vegan, Tillamook dairy is the way to go.

Thread Coffee Roasters

B Impact Score: 81.3

Thread Coffee is a women and queer-owned coffee company based in Baltimore, Maryland. They foster close relationships with their farmers, paying them higher rates than fair trade standards and supporting environmental responsibility. You can buy their coffee online through a subscription service, or through retailers in and around Baltimore.

King Arthur Baking Company

B Impact Score: 122.5

King Arthur is a Vermont-based flour company that has been around since 1970. All of their wheat is American grown, non-GMO, and never bleached. They also have a comprehensive online blog with just about every baking recipe under the sun.

Dang Foods Company

B Impact Score: 84.3

Dang is a snack company based in Berkeley, California. Inspired by Thai cuisine, their snacks are plant-based and Keto friendly, without compromising great taste. The coconuts they use are sourced from family farms in Thailand. Some of their fan favorites are Dang bars and roasted coconut chips.

Certified B corps: energy and innovation

These innovative B Corporations are changing the game- whether it’s through making renewable energy accessible or revamping the way we look at waste.

Apollo Energy

B Impact Score: 124.4

Apollo Energy is a women-owned solar energy company based in Denver, Colorado. They customize each solar installation to the unique needs of a given building, maximizing efficiency and savings. They also partner with local nonprofits to bring solar energy to those who can’t afford it.

PowerDash Inc.

B Impact Score: 83.6

PowerDash is a software company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. They provide online software tools to aid renewable energy companies in monitoring and installation. Their tools help keep renewable energy efficient and innovative, all while maintaining sustainable and responsible operations.


B Impact Score: 116.2

SecondMuse is an innovation company based in New Mexico. They focus on empowering climate solutions companies to develop new and innovative answers to climate change. They partner with big names like NASA and the Rockefeller Foundation.


B Impact Score: 85.9

Evrnu is a textile recycling company based in Seattle, Washington. Their NuCycl fiber recycling technologies bring new life to pre- and post-consumer textile waste, helping to create closed-loop systems in the garment industry. They collaborate with stakeholders at every step of a garment’s life cycle to streamline the fiber renewal process.

Final Thoughts

When you’re researching sustainable companies to support, B Corporations are almost always a good bet. It’s always a good idea to use discretion when supporting a new company, but B Corporations are a quick way to tell if a company is doing good work.

Thanks for reading, and keep fighting the good fight!