30 Sustainable Travel Blogs to Inspire Your Next Trip

by | Apr 26, 2022

train travel through mountains

Sustainable travel is a way of traveling where you can maintain tourism long-term while creating no harm to the natural resources. It minimizes tourism’s negative impacts and benefits the area where you travel.

Here are 30 sustainable travel blogs to give you all the inspiration and guidelines to travel responsibly and leave a positive impact while doing so.

1. The Wise Travelers

wise travel blog

The Wise Travelers is an eco-friendly travel blog by a Portuguese couple Tiago and Sandrina with a focus on environmental problems related to tourism that affect the local communities and animals. The blog has elaborate itineraries to travel responsibly and a growing collection of amazing photos of beautiful landscapes.

Visit The Wise Travelers blog here.

2. Soul Travel

soul travel blog

Soul Travel is an inspiring sustainable travel blog by a UK-based travel writer and corporate tourism professional Ellie. The blog posts and guides on Soul Travel highlight eco-lodges, wellness retreats, community projects that promote gender equality, and other responsible travel experiences.  

Visit the Soul Travel blog here.

3. Sustainable Travel International

Sustainable Travel International has been working since 2002 to provide guidance to destinations and businesses to make tourism sustainable. The blog contains several helpful posts on places, people, and partners that embody sustainable travel and social justice.

Visit the Sustainable Travel International blog here.

4. Ecotourism World

This is an information platform about ecotourism so more travelers can know about sustainable travel and choose sustainability while traveling.  It was launched in 2019 by Kaori Inagaki, a tourism professional and avid traveler with a special interest in sustainability.  The blog contains eco travel advice, eco-lodges and hotel information, and sustainable travel experiences ranging from solo to family tours and affordable as well as luxury options in all regions of the world.  

 Visit the Ecotourism World blog here.

5. Fair Tourism

Fair Tourism is a Netherlands-based sustainable travel organization that has been developing curricula on sustainable tourism for universities and setting up vocational training centers since 1989. The organization was previously known as  REISBEWIJS. You can find travel advice, stories, tips and tricks, videos, and podcasts on sustainable travel on the website.                  

Visit the Fair Tourism blog here.

6. Miss Filatelista

This is a sustainable travel blog by freelance journalist and sustainability activist Lola Méndez. Filatelista means stamp collector in Spanish as she has been collecting passport stamps throughout her travels. On this blog, you can find ways to travel responsibly in the places she has been to as well as about vegan food and yoga retreats.

View the Miss Filatelista Blog here.

7. Community Back Pocket

Community Back Pocket travel blog

Community back pocket is a travel blog against tourism leakage by Bex, a sustainable travel enthusiast. Tourism leakage means when the revenue generated from tourism is absorbed by other countries instead of the community where you are traveling. On this blog, you will find worldwide destinations, travel tips, and community characters to help you spend local and travel sustainably.

View the Community Back Pocket blog here.

8. The Altruistic Traveler

The Altruistic Traveler blog

Started by Bianca, a freelance journalist, podcast host and blogger, The Altruistic Traveler promotes compassion and ethics in tourism. You can find content about sustainable tourism,spending local, supporting community development and responsible volunteering.

Visit the Altruistic Traveler here.

9. Spin the Windrose

Spin the Windrose is owned and managed by Abbi, a UK based sustainable traveler. You can find content about sustainable living, veganism, thrifting, hiking, and destinations in Africa, Asia, Europe and Oceania.

Visit Spin The Windrose Blog here.

10. Charlie on Travel

This is a travel blog by Charlie and Luke, a UK couple of sustainable digital nomads and bloggers. You will find green travel resources and guides, ways to offset carbon emissions, destinations, and travel resources such as packing lists, discount codes and house sitting arrangements.

Visit the Charlie on Travel Blog here.

11. A World to Travel

This is a sustainable travel blog by Spanish digital nomads Inma and Jose. You can find sustainable travel itineraries and guides, remote work resources, tips on conscious living and sperb travel photography.  

Visit A World to Travel blog here.

12. Yūgen Earthside

Yūgen Earthside is a sustainable travel one-stop-shop. You can find sustainable tour operators, travel insurance and plan your trip in a responsible and transparent manner using their services. On the blog you can find sustainable destinations, travel experiences, and tips and trends.  

Visit The Yūgen Earthside blog here.

13. Eco BNB

Eco BNB website for sustainable travel booking

Ecobnb is a network of eco-friendly accommodations worldwide where you can book a sustainable place to stay or list your sustainable accommodation to rent and earn. On the blog you’ll find several destination guides, tips, tricks, trends and discoveries in sustainable living and travel. The servers of this website are powered by Hetzner Online, an on-site renewable energy.  

 Visit the Eco Bnb blog here.

14. Sustainable Travel & Living

This is an online shop for sustainable products for lifestyle and travel made by Lauren, an avid traveler who took up sustainability and minimalism after being a stuff-a-holic earlier. On its Travel Better blog, you can find several practical posts about sustainable living and travel.  

Visit the Sustainable Travel & Living blog here.

15. Green Travel Blog

This is the blog site by Green Pearls® where green hotels, restaurants and destinations are listed. On the Green Travel blog there are green tips, green recipes, ethical fashion and architecture stories.

Visit the Green Travel blog here.

16. The Cayuga Way

This is a travel blog by the Cayuga Collection which is a group of sustainable lodges and hotels in Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama. The blog contains stories about sustainable tourism, hospitality and community in that region..

Visit the Cayuga Way blog here.

17. Green Suitcase Travel

Green Suitcase Travel is a travel planning site by a collection of innovators and influencers from different industries. On the blog there are several stories and information about eco-friendly accommodations both luxury and affordable ones as well as destinations, sustainable travel tips and trends.
Visit the Green Suitcase Travel Blog here.

18. I Like Local

This is a marketplace for responsible travel in Asia and Africa where the local hosts get 100% of the money they ask for. On the blog, there are travel guides and stories for Asia and Africa.

Visit the I Like Local blog here.

19. Speck on the Globe

Speck on the Globe

This is a blog by an American sustainable travel enthusiast and digital nomad Abbie. On this blog you can find ethical and sustainable tourism stories from her own experiences.

Visit the Speck on the Globe blog here.

20. Every Steph

This is a travel blog by an Italian digital nomad Stefania. Her blog contains travel stories from destinations around the world, hotel reviews and recommendations, fashion advice, travel food guide, and blogging tips.

Visit the Every Steph blog here.

21. Two Dusty Travelers

This is a travel blog by Emily and Aaron, two ethical adventurers. Emily is a registered nurse which is why the blog has a lot of information on medical aspects of tourism, especially medical volunteering abroad. The blog shares ethical travel choices and stories, destinations, and tips on volunteering abroad.

Visit the Two Dusty Travelers blog here.

22. Green means Go Travel

This is a green travel blog by a journalist and content creator, Vanessa. The blog has travel and lifestyle content including personal care, veganism, travel experiences, etc.

Visit the Green means Go Travel blog here.

23. The Shooting Star

It is a travel blog by a digital nomad Shivya Nath. She is the author of a national level best selling book by the same name. The blog has her travel stories, destination guides, sustainable tourism project, travel tips and climate action.

Visit The Shooting Star blog here.

24. Mindful Wanderlust

This is a travel blog by a couple Giselle and Cody. The blog has a lot of content on travel experiences, animal rights, human rights, vegan food and most of all arts.

Visit the Mindful Wanderlust blog here.

25. Small footprints big adventures

This is a blog by a family of four from Australia, Emma, Anthony, Dante and Allegra. The blog is rich in information about sustainable living and travel. You can find product reviews, destination guides, sustainability and minimalism tips and tricks.

Visit the small footprints, big adventures blog here.

26. Green Pick

Green Pick

This is a travel blog by Fanny and Denis, an avid traveling couple. The blog offers green choices for travel including itinerary suggestions, reviews for hotels and restaurants, guidebooks, and discussions on sustainable tourism.

Visit the Green Pick blog here.

27. Ethical Traveler

Ethical traveler is a nonprofit working to protect the environment and human rights with the help of the economic power of tourism. You can find ethical journeys and destinations as well as news and stories about sustainable travel and the organization’s updates. Ethical Travel also has a podcast featuring interviews with adventurers, artists, writers, music, news, and weekly contests.          

Visit the Ethical Traveler blog here.

28. Green Globe Travel

Green Globe Travel is an ecotourism website by a power couple Bret and Mary. The blog is rich in content about ecotourism, sustainable living, cultural preservation and wildlife conservation. You can also find destinations and reviews on travel and products.

Visit the Green Globe Travel blog here.

29. Green Traveler Guides

This is an award winning sustainable travel website. You will find destination guides, tips to plan your trip, green accommodation recommendations, carbon offsets and green travel tips.

Visit the Green Traveler Guides blog here.

30. Good Nature Travel

Good Nature Travel

It is the official travel and adventure blog of Natural Habitat Adventures and the World Wildlife Fund. It contains wildlife conservation stories, great natural places, and content on how to travel with least possible impact. The blog features a wildlife photo of the week every Friday.

Visit the Good Nature Travel blog here.