The 9 Most Popular Vegan Food Brands

by | Sep 23, 2021

The 9 Most Popular Vegan Food Brands

The vegan lifestyle has gained more traction over the past few years, because of its health and environmental benefits. With an influx in people exploring vegan food, the question of which brand is the most popular is more apparent. Some care about the relatability in taste to actual meat others are more keen on the ingredients. As we take a look at some of the most popular brands a few things will be taken into consideration. Not only consumer popularity but availability and brand recognition.

1. Beyond Meat

Very much so one of the most popular plant-based food brands for the past few years. Arguably the most popular vegan meat brand right now, Beyond Meat is widely available at grocers and some restaurants.

Beyond Meat

2. Silk

A much more seasoned vegan brand having been around since the 1970’s in comparison to Balanced Nature which has only been around since 2016. Silk is quite popular and carried at both Target and Whole Foods; I’ve even seen it sold in corner stores.

picture of chocolate almond milk

3. Daiya

A great vegan option to cheese and is carried at both Target and Whole Foods. Daiya’s dairy-free “dairy” products especially cheese are hard alternatives to find for the plant-based community.

picture of Daiya dairy free cheese

4. So Delicious

This brand offers a milk-like consistency ice cream, wonderful sweet vegan treat. This seasoned brand, being in operation over 30 years thrives in the decadent plant-based ice cream scene. Available at both Whole Foods and Target.

picture of so delicious ice cream
picture of Or search free stock images

5. Earth Balance

A great vegan solution to butter, Earth Balance has come a long way from offering one product to an array of products (sprays, spreads, and dressing) available at both Target and Whole Foods.

picture of soy free buttery spread

6. Sweet Earth

A take on meat alternative that is a bit more jazzy than something like Beyond Meat. Sweet Earth, born in Cali, brings the California food scene to the rest of the world in these flavor forward dishes.

picture of a veggies lover pizza

7. Califia

A newer plant-based vegan brand but more seasoned than some in the industry. A great alternative to dairy creamers to start the day. Califia is available both at Target and Whole Foods, and at many grocers across the US.

picture of almond milk

8. Orgain

A great organic option for those interested in or teetering on making a lifestyle change. Orgain’s organic drink powder (a great source of fiber) widely available at Target and Whole Foods.

picture of orgain protein products

9. Just

Just is a smart dairy alternative especially for morning breakfast with scrambled eggs or sweet treats like cakes and pastries. Available at Whole Foods and Target.

picture of just egg's egg substitute

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