10 Influential Thrifters to Follow for Sustainable Fit Inspo

by | Apr 11, 2022

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Thrifters rule. Their outfits are not only unique, but sustainable too.

It can be hard to find sustainable fashion inspiration when so much fashion content focuses on fast fashion. But find it we must. As it turns out, thrifting is one of the best things we can do to help the environment.

These 10 thrifting influencers are here to change that. Check them out, and you’ll be fashionably thrifty in no time!

1. Sophie Saint, @saint.thrifty


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Sophie Saint is a sustainability influencer from Bristol, UK who posts outfits and sustainability tips on her Instagram. Her page is full of helpful reminders about living more sustainably, and she’s a big proponent of doing what you can when we’re up against capitalism. She also seeks out to expose greenwashing so her followers know what to watch out for. 

Her sense of style has a vintage feel with a few modern twists. Be sure to check out her page to see how she gets creative with the items in her closet. 

2. Jazmine Rogers, @thatcurlytop

Jazmine Rogers is a sustainable fashion and lifestyle creator based in New York City. She describes herself as a climate optimist and encourages her followers to use their knowledge and passion about sustainability to drive their activism. In addition to thrifted clothes, she has posts showing her repurposed thrifted furniture and decorations.

While Jazmine’s Instagram posts are very stylized and formal, her TikTok page is full of chill conversations about her sustainability journey and what she’s learned. 

Jazmine’s style is vibrant and colorful, and it’s a great reminder that you can have a thrifted wardrobe with any aesthetic.

3. Rosette, @thriftqueenlola


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A blogger and influencer based in London, UK, Rosette hosts redesign and upcycling workshops where she teaches people how to repurpose used garments and give them new life. Her posts are a great reminder that upcycling clothes is a great way to be sustainable. Not only is her own wardrobe sustainable, but she’s empowering others to follow in her footsteps!

Rosette’s style is elegant and bold, and her wardrobe includes many repurposed statement pieces. She utilizes contrasting colors to create funky fits that stick out from the crowd.

4. Kate, @readwritethrift

Kate is a sustainable fashion influencer and PhD candidate based in Toronto, Canada. Her page is a mix of thrifted outfits, conversations about sustainable fashion, and slow fashion brand recommendations. She even dabbles in sewing and has some tutorials on how to sew garments from thrifted fabric (like duvets and curtains). She gives lots of shout outs to small thrift shops that she finds, which is a great way to get them more business!

Kate’s style is bright and feminine, with lots of floral patterns and frills. I love how she gets creative and uses items like dresses in multiple ways.

5. Hosannah, @needforless


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Hosannah is a blogger and influencer who posts thrifted outfits to normalize thrifted clothes and inspire others to take up thrifting on their own. She proves that having a minimalist wardrobe with only a few pieces can still be versatile and fashionable. She’s also a mom and involves her kids in her sustainable lifestyle by sewing clothes for them that suit their own personal styles. 

Hosannah’s style is classic and elegant. She has a few staple pieces that can work for many outfits, and she’s also no stranger to repeating outfits for her Instagram posts.

6. Cat, @cookiecat.herine

Cat is a thrifting influencer and Youtuber based in Los Angeles, California who posts style tips and book recommendations. Her long-form thrifting videos are a great insight into how to thrift from an expert. It’s also helpful that Cat thrifts for herself, and not to resell, which can be hard to find when you’re looking for thrifting influencers. 

Cat’s style is colorful and classic and she utilizes lots of contrasting colors and patterns to create a bold look. She incorporates vintage pieces with one-of-a-kind thrifted garments to create an unforgettable wardrobe.

7. Dr. Anita Vandyke, @rocket_science

A medical doctor and sustainable lifestyle influencer, Dr. Anita Vandyke is based in Sydney, Australia who posts educational content about sustainable living and its intersections with her career. Her posts emphasize the idea that sustainable living isn’t about buying sustainable products, but rather using what you already have to suit your needs. 

Anita’s style (when she’s not in scrubs) is classy and cute, and she sticks to neutral colors that are good any time of year.

8. Jenny Welbourne, @wearilive

Jenny Welbourne is a thrifting influencer and Youtuber who posts lots of content with thrifting tips and other lifestyle guides. In addition to her videos of thrift hauls, her Youtube channel has informational videos about sustainability like living low waste and how-to guides on cutting out fast fashion. 

Jenny’s style has lots of vintage elements with muted colors and subtle patterns. Her content emphasizes using every item in your closet and only buying what you’ll actually wear. She also likes to have fun with the clothes she has and use them in multiple ways.

9. Oluwaseun, @the_oluwaseun

Oluwaseun is a thrifting influencer and art director based in London, UK. She emphasizes cost-per-wear, which values each clothing item based on how many times you wear it. She mixes and matches different statement pieces to make a bold, luxury look for the price of a thrifted one. 

Oluwaseun’s style plays with muted and bright colors to create outfits that really pop. She’s not afraid of clashing colors which lets her use her bright pieces in multiple outfits.

10. Allison K, @nonlocal.Joy

Allison is a sustainable lifestyle influencer who posts educational content about how to live sustainably. She highlights the imperfection that we all have in our ethical lifestyles, and that we’re all just doing the best we can. 

Her style is classic, with lots of staple pieces in neutral colors that won’t go out of style. She also comes up with ways to style seasonal clothes for year-round wear, like this spaghetti strap dress that she layered for fall.

No matter what your sense of style is, I hope these thrifting influencers inspired you in your thrifting endeavors. If you want some more thrifting inspiration, check out my other article with 30 thrifting tips. Thanks for reading, and keep fighting the good fight!