9 Environmental Newsletters for When You’re Ready to Join the Movement

by | Mar 15, 2022

9 Environmental Newsletters for When You’re Ready to Join the Movement

One of the best things you can do when you want to help the environment is sign up for an environmental newsletter. Why? Because they show up in your inbox regularly, reminding you to eat less meat, buy less stuff, and take action more often.

Check out these awesome environmental newsletters to help you become more informed about the climate crisis and how you can help the planet.

1. Daybring

What’s in this newsletter: In need of some eco-living inspiration? Daybring is where sustainability, frugality, and good living come together. Discover simple ideas to waste less plastic and emit less carbon, plus frugal living inspiration that’s good for your bank account too.

Where to sign up: Daybring

2. Heated

What’s in this newsletter: This newsletter offers well-researched, scientific explorations into climate change, corporate activities, and the success of the eco movement. Like the name sounds, this newsletter doesn’t shy away from frustration or downright anger. And rightly so.

Where to sign up: Heated

3. Uprooted

What’s in this newsletter: Kamea Chayne is the host of the Green Dreamer podcast and has a Substack newsletter that explores similar topics. One of my favorite things about her writing is how she adds in the emotional side of combating climate change. For example, in one of her recent environmental newsletters, she shared openly about how the pressure to constantly create content as an eco influencer often feels at odds with what she’s trying to share: that we’re all enough, and we need to stop pushing. After all, this more more more mentality is what got humanity into this horrible situation. Most importantly, Kamea shares eco news that centers Indigenous peoples so often left out of the conversation.

Where to sign up: Uprooted

4. Going Zero Waste

What’s in this newsletter: The Going Zero Waste newsletter offers plenty of tips and inspo for going full on zero waste. From shopping tips to meal planning to reusing ideas, this newsletter is perfect for practical ideas you can implement every week.

Where to sign up: Going Zero Waste

5. Eco Warrior Princess


What’s in this newsletter: The Eco Warrior Princess newsletter focuses on fashion, beauty, and wellness tips. With the newsletter, you’ll stay up-to-date on their blog posts on the same subjects. This is a great newsletter for young women who want to live sustainably but fashionably too.

Where to sign up: Eco Warrior Princess

6. LA Times Boiling Point

What’s in this newsletter: Being a traditional news source, it should be unsurprising that this newsletter is depressing. This is not one of the environmental newsletters that gives you advice and boosts your hope. Instead, this is the newsletter you should turn to if you want to stay up to date with corporate news and weather news relating to climate change. The content focuses primarily on California, but covers important news from other regions as well.

Where to sign up: LA Times Boiling Point

7. Volts

What’s in this newsletter: Interested in the energy side of the climate crisis? This environmental newsletter on Substack by David Roberts focuses exclusively on policy changes with energy usage, clean energy sources, and analysis into what the future of energy looks like.

Where to sign up: Volts

8. Insider Sustainability

What’s in this newsletter: Another newsletter from a traditional media source, Insider Sustainability offers insight into what’s currently happening with the climate, from major weather events, to scientific evidence of warming acceleration, to major policy changes.

Where to sign up: Business Insider

9. Stand.Earth

What’s in this newsletter: Want to take action? Sign up for the Stand.Earth newsletter and you’ll be served up with petitions to sign, letters to write to your representatives, and campaigns to donate to.

Where to sign up: Stand.Earth

When you sign up for an environmental newsletter, it’s easier to stay on track with your eco living and eco activism goals.