15 Benefits of an Eco Friendly Lifestyle You Can Experience Now

by | Apr 18, 2022

Do you know where the world is heading to? What kind of Earth will your generation inherit? And how can you save it from climatic degradation?

Rapid industrialisation and increasing population lead to an imminent presence of greenhouse gases in the environment. Our climate is getting hotter and hottest every year with rising average surface temperature,

The UN chief, Mr Guterres, highlighted some crucial forecasts. He stated, “We are on a pathway to global warming of more than double the 1.5-degree (Celsius, or 2.7-degrees Fahrenheit) limit”.

Not only this, IPCC have issued several warnings and predictions encouraging humans to take initiatives to save the Earth.

UN tweet

Moreover, the Global Risks Report 2021 of The World Economic Forum (WEF) underlined some highest impact risks of the next decade. The report mentioned issues like climate action failure, infectious diseases, human environmental damage, and many other life-threatening diseases.

Becoming environmentally conscious is a need of time. You need to plan an eco-friendly lifestyle to live healthier, happier and longer while protecting your planet. In this article, we descriptively cover the key benefits of eco living.

Environmental benefits of an eco friendly lifestyle

An eco-friendly lifestyle is about staying healthy and prioritising to keep the environment clean. You need to be self-aware and accountable for your decisions and actions as to how it affects the environment. Reducing pollution, conserving natural resources and protecting wildlife should be considered a great responsibility. So, let’s begin reading to unlock the valuable benefits of an eco-friendly lifestyle.

1. Less plastic waste

In the US, the volume of plastic waste amounted to nearly 1.37 billion pounds by 2020. One of the benefits of an eco-friendly lifestyle is how you contribute to generating less plastic waste. You can switch to using paper bags or cotton sacks instead of plastic shopping.

Buy products available in boxes instead of bottles. Reuse containers, reuse bottles, use matches instead of lighters and avoid frozen food as they are preserved in plastic bags. Most importantly, use cloth instead of disposable diapers.

These simple practices save the planet from landfills, and harmful toxins (released into land, air and sea), while protecting wildlife and the endangered ones.

2. Lower carbon footprint

15 Organizations to Plant Trees With (Donate or Get Involved)

Household energy, food consumption and transportation are the main contributors to produce carbon footprint leading to human-induced climate changes. Leading to toxic and acidic rain, it’s been melting the glaciers and polar ice. The air you breathe is rich with acidic compounds. However, there is a lot you can do to help lower the adverse effects. Organisations like Plant for the Planet, and Trees For the Future aim to protect Earth through plantations. The International Tree Foundation has successfully preserved a vast area of tropical rainforest in the Amazon.

Furthermore, where plantations are benefitting there are other measures that hold equal significance for restoring the climatic changes. You should switch to electric cars instead of gasoline cars. Save power consumption, replace incandescent light bulbs with LEDs, reduce your trash output and avoid wasting food.

3. Less energy consumption

An eco-friendly lifestyle helps you ensure efficient energy consumption. It implies using gas, electricity and any other form of energy. Install a programmable thermostat to avoid wasting energy and use a cooling or heating system.

Secondly, you must purchase energy-efficient appliances and reduce water heating expenses. Moreover, insulating your home impacts energy consumption. Upgrade your home appliances, and keep them fully maintained to avoid unnecessary consumption. You can even use natural daylight to perform usual chores. .

4. Less water waste

Next to air, water comes as the most important element to preserve natural life. One of the vital benefits of an eco-friendly lifestyle is how it teaches an individual to stay conscious about water consumption. Water is a finite commodity and if not managed properly the world will be left in drought.

You must fix taps and flushing tanks to save water leakages. Never flush away cigarette butts or tissue. Take a shorter shower and do not leave the tap running while brushing your teeth or scrubbing your face and body. Moreover, it’s best to install water-saving showerheads or use tubs to take a bath.

5. Better planet for future generations

Managing forests, grasslands, coral reefs and rivers in sustainable ways makes them resilient and enhances the absorption of greenhouse gases, which saves the climate. Hence, make it a habit and an aim to plant trees wherever you can. Trees, Water & People, the Fort Collins, Colorado-based organisation gives a chance to volunteer to contribute to planting trees. They have planted over 600 thousand trees within four years.

Tree People is yet another organisation with whom you can plant trees and enjoy a wonderful experience. Many organisations are tirelessly working day in and day out to bring about a change. Names like American Forests, Eden Reforestation Projects and Arbor Day Foundation are the leading ones.

Psychological benefits of an eco friendly lifestyle

Eco-anxiety is prevailing among people. The American Psychological Association described it as “the chronic fear of environmental doom”. Around  29% of Americans are found alarmed about the rapid climate changes resulting in experiencing eco-anxiety, as per Yale Program on Climate Change Communication’s study of 2018. Here are the six-point scale indicating the most worrying options.

chart on the belief in global warming

However, the psychological benefits of an eco-friendly lifestyle can help combat the growing eco anxiety people face. Below mentioned are some benefits bundled with easy-to-follow practices.

6. Better coping mechanisms with eco anxiety

Although climate change is not in your control, there are ways you can contribute to save the planet. Remember a little effort goes a long way. So, instead of fretting and stressing over what could have been done, you can buckle up and take the initiative yourself. Gather yourself and prepare to bring about a change.

Make changes in your personal life by switching to eco-friendly accessories, food, activities and means of living. Acknowledge what harm you have inflicted and what best efforts you can do. Go easy on yourself and stay motivated and enthusiastic to make efforts.

7. Accountability to future generations (including your own kids)

“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.” ~ Native American Proverb

It’s easier to turn a blind eye than to be accountable for one’s actions. The climatic condition you are experiencing today was way better decades back. But our ancestors neglected the consequences and you might be doing the same.

Hence, think about what kind of a future you will give to the next generation.  Your tiniest effort can make a huge difference. But when the cause is so massive and crucial the efforts should be big enough too. You can be conscious while giving your votes electing a person responsible for taking important decisions. Participate in elections and vote for the deserving candidate who you think would work for a better tomorrow.

8. Sense of accomplishment and pride in your efforts

It’s important to play your part to build a sustainable ecology of living. Through an eco-friendly lifestyle you get a sense of accomplishment in whatever you do for the climate. Save water, use less fuel, avoid food waste, and eliminate the causes of pollution contribute to cleaning the environment in the long run. You become self-aware of how natural resources are used and the lives associated with them.

You can stay involved in the fast-paced life if you want. But let’s not forget that you’ve already been through the traumatising phase of the COVID-19 pandemic, which was Nature’s way of retaliation. Catastrophes, contagious and life-threatening diseases can lead human civilisation to extinction if we do not take necessary precautions. The unpredicted and uncontrollable natural disasters shake every being to their core. However, with an eco-friendly lifestyle, you get to maintain good health and a healthier surrounding for your family and loved ones.

9. Knowing that you’re caring for the planet the way it cares for you

An eco-friendly lifestyle makes you care for the planet. You can have fresh air to breathe, pure water to drink, and land to live in. But how humans thanked the planet–demolition of forests, polluting the sea, depleting the ozone layer and destroying every nature’s blessing–sad but true.

An eco-friendly lifestyle makes people more concerned about healing the planet, saving the scarcely available natural resources and cleaning the air, sea and land. It helps us adopt many ways to get a healthier environment.

10. Happiness and joy in the practice of simple living

Dr Brian Wind, a clinical psychologist, pinpointed some vital psychological benefits of an eco-friendly lifestyle. Sustainability living helps improve mindfulness. It makes people ponder on the environmental impact on day to day living. You ruminate less, become self-aware and focus better.

Secondly, it gives life a purpose. The closer you feel to reaching your goal, the more confident you become. Moreover, sustainable practices create a positive outlook on life. You eat organic food that provides essential nutrients to your body, indulge in physical activities and opt for natural-centric means of living.

Financial benefits of an eco friendly lifestyle

According to research, around 81% of people expect organizations to become environmentally conscious in their communications and advertisements. It highlights the potential of an eco-friendly business. Moreover, around 87% of consumers prefer buying products from brands that are aware of the environmental benefits.

For a sustainable ecosystem, the use of energy-efficient equipment, water-saving devices, and solar panels are not only cost-effective but more efficient than traditional energy use. Let’s delve deeper to learn about other financial benefits of an eco-friendly lifestyle.

11. Lower food costs

What you eat affects the planet. One of the major causes of forest demolition is to rear cattle and grow crops for livestock. Whereas, oceans are getting barren due to overfishing. Furthermore, food production does not only endanger wildlife it has other threatening influences as well. According to research, about a quarter of toxic greenhouse gases polluting globally are associated with food.

Instead of consuming animal products, eat plants. The livestock industry contributes to almost 15% of greenhouse gas emissions. Hence, switch to growing your own food. Eat fresh vegetables and fruits frequently. In this way, you can help reduce your carbon footprint.

12. More affordable travel

Sustainable travelling doesn’t mean clinging to animal backs. If you are willing to reduce the carbon footprint, become conscious of the damage your fuel-based vehicle is causing. That sense of accountability will naturally motivate you to make simple changes in your travelling habits.

Walk to nearby places, switch to electric cars, fly less often, and keep your vehicles fully maintained to avoid wasteful consumption of energy. The European Union voted Slovenia as Europe’s greenest city. With the development of certification programs and sustainability tools, the city is building efficient public transport, cycling infrastructure, and pedestrians and educating its community to stay committed to protecting green areas.

13. Lower energy bills

sustainable kitchen lighting

Renewable energy sources not only reduce carbon footprint but lowers your bills. It’s best to use Solar panels that help convert sun rays into electricity and solar heating systems that provide hot water and heating throughout the year. Other sources of sustainable energy include air source heat pumps, wind energy, biomass systems, and hydroelectric systems. Hence, get energy-efficient home appliances to cut down your bills and make the environment safer.

14. Less money spent on clothing, home decor, and household items

One biggest change an eco-friendly lifestyle makes is encouraging people to shop less money on clothes and accessories. However, it doesn’t mean to kill your wishes if you fancy embellished clothes or tempting food. It’s about going for vegan diet plans, recycled products, and organic food. Brands like Earth Hero, Eco Roots, and Made Trade offer sustainable products to its consumers.

15. Investing in the businesses of the future

Invest in business with a sustainable motto for a greener future. Hunt for such business avenues that are environmentally conscious and aim to bring about a huge change in the world.

You work so passionately but breathe in the polluted air, live on a catastrophic land and survive on contaminated resources. What’s the point of such living? Hence, focus on creating such business goals that do make good returns but not at the cost of harming the planet. You can innovate fuel-efficient and energy-efficient products, electronics and machinery or else provide water-saving solutions to people.

Final thoughts

You are consciously aware of how grim the climate condition is and by opting for an eco-friendly lifestyle you sure can make a huge impact on saving the planet. No need to drastically transform your life, initiate with little effort. Make your aim to go green.